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Visitation & Safe Exchange Services

Visitation & Safe Exchange Services

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Frederick Douglass

Setting Up Visitation and Safe Exchange Services 

  1. Complete the Visitation Services Request Form Complete el formulario de solicitud de servicios de visitas
  2. Allow 24-48 hours for a reply.  If no reply is received, please follow up with a text message to 423-790-3747
  3. An intake will be coordinated and scheduled via text at a mutually agreeable day and time at our Cleveland Office or Athens Office.  Intakes take between 45 – 60 minutes to complete. 
  4. Once the intake is scheduled, an invoice will be emailed to you via PayPal to secure your intake appointment or you can pay online.  PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR APPOINTMENT IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.   Intake appointments for Supervised Visitation is $50.  Intake for Therapeutic Visitation is $60. BOTH the visiting parent and the custodial parent/guardian are each responsible for remitting the $50 intake fee for their individual appointments unless there is an agreement or court order providing otherwise stating that one party is responsible for paying both intake fees.  The intake fee covers the cost of team member’s time to meet with client, time to conduct required background checks, making copies of necessary documents, creating file, and initial coordination efforts to schedule first visitation.  
  5. Once all parties have completed this process, Solomon Family Solutions will text to coordinate and schedule visitation or exchange at a mutually agreed upon day and time and location. If making a therapeutic visitation appointment, advance payment to secure therapist’s time is required; an invoice will be sent via email and once payment is received, the appointment will be confirmed. If rescheduled or canceled within 48 hours, payment may be applied to a different appointment time.
  6. Solomon Family Solutions offers visitations and exchanges 7 days a week between the hours of 9am – 8pm, although Athens Office Hours may vary. 
  7. Solomon Family Solutions offers virtual visitation services to bridge communication and parenting time when child(ren) and parents are living too far apart to allow for in person visitation or when other circumstances prevent in person visitation.  Virtual visitation services are scheduled for only one hour and cost $25 per hour for standard supervised visitation.   

Fees for Services

Supervised Visitation – $40/hr. (On-Site)

Therapeutic Visitation – $60/hr. (On-site)

Safe Exchange – $20 per exchange (On-Site)

Offsite visitation and safe exchange services are available on a limited basis and for an additional cost to cover travel time and expenses. 


What Services are Included with Fee?

  • Coordination and scheduling of visitation or exchange
  • Case management 
  • A professional and trained monitor will arrive prior to and stay after visitation to check-in visiting parent and provide time after the visitation or exchange to provide time for the other party to leave the premises while the visiting parent remains onsite.
  • A monitor will regularly maintain visitation logs and take contemporaneous notes throughout visitations and at exchanges.

What Services are NOT Included with Fee?

  • Written summary reports. 
  • Court appearance for testimony. 
  • Time and materials required to comply with subpoenas for records or videos. 
  • Time to comply with subpoenas for testimony. 
  • Additional written summary reports. 
Cost of Services NOT Included in Fee

Time to comply with subpoena duces tecum$50
Materials used to comply with subpoena duces tecum$0.50 per page
Time to comply with a subpoena for testimony. Must pay to block either 1/2 day (4) or full-day (8) for each person. Due upon receipt of the subpoena. Appearance is confirmed upon receipt of payment. $50/hr.
Video recordings are for the use of Solomon Family Solutions (SFS) ONLY. Unless SFS deems reasonable and necessary, SFS will never preserve video recordings. If videos are subpoenaed, time to review and preserve video will be required before the release of the video. Plus, the person that issued the subpoena will be responsible for providing SFS a thumb drive to store and make portable the preserved videos. $100
Cost of written summary reports (requests and payment for the written summary report MUST be provided to Ms. Virlena Dye, assistant executive director with AT LEAST 10 business days’ notice).$25-$100

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