Solomon Family Solutions
Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Please complete and submit ENROLLMENT FORM and REMIT PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL LINK (SEE BELOW) for the class you are enrolling in.

Solomon Family Solutions offers a variety of educational programs (In Person in Cleveland or Virtual via Zoom) to include:

12 Hrs. Child Abuse Prevention & Parenting Skills Course

($200 or pay as you go for $40 per class)

12 Hrs. Anger Management Course

($200 or pay as you go for $40 per class)

4 Hrs. Co-Parenting Seminar for Divorcing/Separated Parents

($50 for 4 hr. Seminar)

Current Class Schedule

In Person Class Schedule as of 10/2022

CAPS – Saturday 8:30am to 10:30am

Anger Management – Saturday 11am to 1pm

Co-Parenting Seminar – Once per month on Monday 5pm to 9:30pm (Nov. 14th and Dec. 5th)

Virtual Class Schedule as of 10/2022

CAPS – Wednesdays at 10:30am

Anger Management- Fridays at 10:30am

Co-Parenting – Every First and Third Saturday of Month at 8am 

Additional Information

Solomon Family Solutions’ instructors have a minimum of Masters Degree in Counseling, Therapy, or a Social Science

Upon completion of each course, the student will be provided a Certificate of Completion accepted by local Courts.

12 Hrs. Courses are open enrollment and offered on a rotational basis.

To complete the course, the student is expected to attend 5 two hour classes each week. Not consecutively attending each week may cause delays in completion of the course as well as additional costs to make-up classes. Two hours of self-study is also required during the five once a week sessions of attendance.

4 Hrs. Co-Parent Seminar is held and completed in one day.