Solomon Family Solutions
About Us

About Us

a grassroots – 501c3 nonprofit organization – founded in 2015

Solomon Family Solutions (SFS) opened its doors in 2015 with the mission to provide affordable and professional supervised visitation, safe exchange, family mediation, art therapy, and music lesson to those in need in Bradley County, Tennessee.

Since that time, SFS continues to grow and expand its outreach and services in order to meet the significant and unique needs of children, parents, and families throughout Southeast Tennessee impacted by divorce, parent separation, child custody and visitation disputes, domestic violence, child abuse, drug/alcohol addiction, and poverty.

In 2016, SFS became a Licensed TN Child Placement agency to make private adoption home studies more affordable and accessible FOR ALL of those seeking to adopt and create a forever family for children. And, later SFS became a Licensed TN Child Abuse Prevention agency in order to provide parenting classes, home studies, and forensic evaluations of families and parents.

SFS also offers a variety of court accepted educational programs to include a 4-hour co-parenting class (as required by the State of TN for divorcing parents), a 12-hour child abuse prevention and parenting skills course, a  12-hour anger management course, and a 12 – hour Domestic Violence Prevention course. All of these programs include a certificate of completion for clients to provide to the court.  

SFS’s team of professionals is uniquely qualified and experienced to work with children and families impacted by civil and criminal litigation.  We understand the complexity of and the delicate balance between social services and mental health issues within the context of the law and legal action. SFS has the trust and respect of the courts and local attorneys which provides additional support for parents and families while navigating and resolving legal matters.  

Parents and family are very important to children’s well-being and keeping conflict to a minimum is also key to their development, thus SFS is always focused on ways in which to keep parents and family in children’s lives while providing support services and education in order to reduce conflict.  

“Providing innovative solutions for the best interests of children”

Our Mission Statement

Our Directors

Andrea Chase, M.S., J.D. – Co-Executive Director 

Blythe Mayfield, M.A., ATR – Co-Executive Director 

Yattie Westfield – Co-Executive Director 

Athena Pendergrass – Director of Family Mediation 

Josh Reddish – Director of Security