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Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage & Family Therapy

Solomon Family Solutions (SFS) is pleased to offer Marriage and Family Therapy services.

Meet Josh Alexander, MFT-I, PhD Student

Josh previously worked for SFS as a supervised visitation monitor during his undergrad and beginning of his graduate program in Marriage & Family Therapy; he was a perfect fit for our team! So, when he began working as a Marriage Family Therapist Intern while in pursuit of his PhD, SFS asked if he might consider coming back to help serve the community in his new role and profession. He agreed and we are elated!

Josh provides individual, couples, and family therapy at our Cleveland office on a sliding scale to better meet the needs of parents and families in our community. He is passionate about serving those most in need and ensuring that everyone is able to receive mental health services at affordable prices.

He is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, has his master’s degree and as mentioned above, he is pursuing his PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy with a focus on OCD at Lee University. Welcome back, Josh! We are so happy you are back on Team SFS!

“I am dedicated to serving the Cleveland community and its families!”

Josh Alexander, MFT-I, PhD Student

Scheduling Information

To schedule with Josh, please contact him via email at or via phone/text at 423-380-9043

Meet Rob England, LMFT, PhD Candidate

SFS is blessed to have Rob on Team SFS! Rob is currently providing all of our Psycho-Educational Services and regularly receives praise from his students.

Rob’s overall focus in his work is on early intervention (whether in childhood or in the pre-marriage, engagement stage of a relationship). He focuses on child therapy for ages 3-8 and parenting. He also focuses on pre-marriage counseling and would be honored to walk beside you and your family while courageously pursuing the strong and healthy family that you desire.

He is a Christ-follower. This permeates all areas of his life including family. He believes that families are the backbone of the local church and of society as a whole. For clients who wish to incorporate the Bible and prayer into their sessions, He is happy to do so. While he holds to a Christian worldview, he is here to help clients of all beliefs with respect.

Rob’s private practice for therapeutic services is located at:

Cleveland Family Therapy

3505 Adkisson Drive #203

Cleveland, TN 37312

(423) 689-1800

To Reach Rob About SFS’ Psycho-Educational Classes & Schedule

Please email him at or call/text 423-592-3349