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Co-Parent Counseling – Conflict Resolution

Co-Parent Counseling – Conflict Resolution

Solomon Family Solutions (SFS) is pleased to offer co-parent counseling.

Scientific Research Says Parental Conflict Causes Long Term Developmental & Psychological Harm to Children

This specialized form of counseling is perfect for assisting co-parents learn to improve communication and reduce conflict for the best interest of their child(ren). Scientific research in the area of divorce and child custody have consistently found that conflict between parents causes long-term developmental and psychological harm to children, thus it is critically important that parents learn to establish a relationship together that is at least neutral in emotional intensity to ensure their child(ren) do not suffer.

70% to 90% of Human Communication is Non-Verbal

Parents will often say, “Well, I never say anything bad about the other parent,” or “I never talk about the other parent while in front of the child,” however what many parents do not realize or appreciate is that anywhere between 70% to 90% of human communication is non-verbal. That means children will be able to understand and recognize their parents’ conflict, dislike for the other, and overall negative feelings and tension without speaking a word.

A Toolbox of New Skills

Part of co-parent counseling and conflict resolution is to learn new ways to communicate and parent together. SFS’ practitioners will provide each parent with a toolbox of new skills and ways in which to reframe their relationship with the other parent and turn their primary focus on the wellbeing and care of their child(ren) that they share in common. It has been SFS’ experience that parents are typically not malicious, but instead lack proper co-parent education and understanding of its importance and significance in their children’s lives.

Collaboration and Cooperation with Other Professionals are Key

SFS promotes collaboration between all involved in these cases to include individual therapists, guardian ad litems (GALs), attorneys, and the courts to ensure the best and most impactful results to benefit the child(ren) stuck in between two people that they love.

Cost of Services

Co-Parent Counseling $125 per hour

How to Learn More and/or Schedule

Please fill out and submit the request form below. Allow 24 to 48 hours to receive a response, but if you do not receive a timely response please email Andrea Chase via email or text the office at 423-790-3747

Co – Parent Counseling Request Form

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